Alcoa Engineered Products

A Letter from the President

In the recent past, as today, and certainly in the future, service businesses have been, and are being, forced to react to customers’ short leadtime demands. Customer requirements that were once considered unusual are today the norm. Five years ago, if you had quality products, competitive pricing and a reasonable leadtime, you could compete. Today, and in the future, a reasonable leadtime will not necessarily get the order. Therefore, we must continue to be… FLEXIBLE

Since 1998, we have taken a start-up company with no customers to a modestly-sized service center with more than 600 active accounts. We are truly a local service center servicing all of our accounts with the best in quality, local inventory, competitive pricing, fast processing, our own trucks, no minimums and the flexibility to react to your deliver requests. We continue to be… FLEXIBLE

We pride ourselves on our ability to process short lead-time orders. All stock orders are processed within 24 hours. Should you choose to pick up your order, random order requests are ready within one hour. Our facility is designed for one-directional flow and thus there is virtually no wait to pick up your material. Once again, we continue to be… FLEXIBLE

Through our associates, we have a combined experience in metal distribution of more than 200 years. In an effort to serve you better, all associates are able to process a sale, locate and fill random orders, operate cranes and fork-trucks, and pack material for safe, scratch-free, on-time delivery. It’s just another way that Wallace Metals continues to serve your needs by being… FLEXIBLE

I invite you to brows our Web site. It is a comprehensive endeavor to serve you better. And as an ongoing effort to increase our services to you, we are proud to say that in the near future, we will add online ordering capability to this site. Please call any of our associates for any information not contained on this site. Or… ask any of our more than 600 active customers: there is at least one just down the road! They can tell you how Wallace Metals takes pride in being… FLEXIBLE

Bill Yates
Wallace Metal Products

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